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Blocked toilets is very common globally, not only in developed countries but also in underdeveloped countries. When you are facing a blocked toilet, it will be really frustrating for everyone at home because nobody wants to use dirty toilets.

The process of unblocking the toilet is not so complicated, but it might be risky if you don’t know how to do this job. When you are facing this issue at your home, you should not experiment with unblocking the toilet. This is because it will only increase the problem and eventually lead to severe damage.

The Blocked Toilet is an emergency. In this condition, you need to contact Fix It Fast Plumbers, a professional plumbing services company, who can quickly solve this problem within no time.

A blocked toilet is most commonly caused by baby wipes, hair clogs, wet wipes or even debris that accumulates in the sewage pipe.

Reduce baby wipes & other products down your bathroom drain. Experts at Fix It Fast Plumbers advise you that the best trick for avoiding a big mess is to put these items in the trash can rather than reusing and flushing them down the toilet.

Another most common reason for a blocked toilet in the home is putting too much paper in the toilet. Some people are unaware that an additional amount of toilet paper can easily pass through your drainage system, which will eventually clog it entirely.

Baby wipes and makeup removers: These items do not dissolve and will cause a blockage.

Human hair and all the debris: This will not dissolve and in most cases, these items can’t go away in time.

Feminine hygiene products: These items quickly accumulate in the sewage pipes.

Paper towels, tissues, wet wipes: These are also not bio dissolvable items and will accumulate in your sewage pipes.

All these items accumulate and will cause a blockage. So, don’t flush any item that is not bio dissolvable in nature.

A blocked toilet is a major inconvenience that can be easily prevented by practising some basic tips. Toilets are blocked in many ways, and this is not limited to the above point. Please be aware of the following causes for unblocking the toilet.

You need to understand the primary reasons for a blocked toilet. Then you have to take some practical steps to avoid this problem from happening again in the future.

Always throw only one tissue at a time down your toilet.

Put the tissues into the bin instead of flushing them down the drain.

Try to use less paper for cleaning your toilet.

Always keep in mind that adding more paper to the drainage system will clog it entirely.

Tree roots can sometimes cause blocked drains if an old tree root grows through the sewerage system.

Sometimes people push inappropriate things down our toilets which cause blockages inside of the pipework. This is why we recommend you always use the bin and never flush these things.

A Blocked Toilet Plumber is the best person to resolve this issue. A blocked toilet can become quite messy and smelly if not taken care of immediately. Blocked Toilet Plumbers can unblock your toilet with their specific equipment and knowledge about how the drainage system works, which can help you avoid future blocked toilet problems. Blocked Toilet Plumbers use high-pressure water jetting machines, which are specially designed to clear the stubborn clogs in sewer lines. Blocked Toilet Plumbers can unblock any toilet with their professional services. Blocked Toilet Plumbers can solve virtually any Blocked Toilet problem in no time by using their best tools and skills.

Whether it’s a toilet blockage or another problem, our expert technicians will be able to fix your clogged pipes without delay. You may have noticed many reasons for this particular kind of emergency, but luckily we know how to handle all types of blocked toilets! These tips may help you avoid future blocked toilets or clogged drains by following some basic practices for preventing this problem from happening again in the future. We hope you never experience this inconvenience again.

If you do, the good news is, Fix It Fast Plumbers offers a wide range of plumbing services including unblocking toilet, drain cleaning, sewer repair and replacement, faucet repair and installation, garbage disposal repair and installation, leak detection and pipe inspection in addition to many others at very reasonable rates! They have been fixing toilets since 2001, so they have plenty of experience when it comes to dealing with these types of problems, call Fix It Fast Plumbers immediately, one of our friendly staff members can come out right away.

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