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Milnrow Memorial Park in Rochdale was developed in 1952, and also was improved the website of Cliffe Home. The acquisition cost was ₤ 300, and the stipulation was that the land was to be made use of as public satisfaction and also entertainment grounds. Plumbing Company in Rochdale encourage you to go to visit Milnrow Memorial Park in Rochdale.

There’s a range of facilities at Milnrow Memorial Park, consisting of:

Battle Memorial
Play area, consisting of a teenage play area
Skateboard Park
Mini cycle track for kids
Mini attack training course and multi-use games area
The Milnrow Titan Sculpture
Woodland walk, network of footpaths as well as landscape yard
Bowls pavilion and also crown bowling green
Car Park

History of Milnrow Memorial Park Milnrow park

The landscape of the Memorial Gardens has stayed reasonably unmodified considering that its opening. The gardens were currently around as the premises of Cliffe Residence. With the demolition of the Cliffe House structures and also subsequent moving of the War Memorial to Dale Road, the original design and stability was enhanced by the placement of the memorial on the footprint of Cliffe House structures.

The round roadway and also pathway have been maintained and the incline to the grass below is as initially set out. Part of the original grounds (0,8 of an acre) were lost when the M62 Freeway was built. This renovation of the park needed the diversion of a bridleway, which still travels through the park on the paths beside the freeway limit. The rest of the park (4,9 acres) was purchased in 1961 from Mr Vernon Smith Whitworth, that was the last occupier and had actually inherited the estate from the previous proprietor Mr Emanuel Clegg. Wildlife, vegetation and also animals at Milnrow Boneyard.

Milnrow Boneyard draws in a wide variety of wild animals both birds’ insects and also tiny creatures. This is improved by the timberland, which acts as a wild animal’s sanctuary with its mature trees providing natural houses for birds and also mammals. Nesting and roosting websites are being even more boosted by the inclusion of bird as well as bat boxes.

Nesting birds taped in the last few years include carrion crows, magpies, wood pigeons, blackbirds, mistle thrush, tune thrush, robins, wagtails, tree creepers, nuthatches, starlings, bluetits, and participants of the finch household. See our page about Fallinge Park in Rochdale.

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