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The Cheesden Valley is a valley in the Heywood area of Greater Manchester, England. It runs on a north-south alignment between Bury and also Rochdale in the Metropolitan District of Rochdale. Plumbing Company in Rochdale encourage to go see Cheesden Rochdale.

Cheesden Creek goes through the valley, accompanying Naden Creek to ultimately run into the River Roch near Heywood. Throughout the commercial age the valley ended up being a centre of cotton manufacturing depending on running water. The valley is now a sanctuary.

There are signs of human activity in Heywood dating from regarding 8000 BC. Flints from the Mesolithic period have been discovered in Heywood, in the Cheesden Valley and also Knowl Moor locations. All were discovered over ground close to a water resource, and all are quite little and ideal for use as arrowheads as well as similar objects.

According to a report on a historical survey of the Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale (which showed up in the Greater Manchester Archaeological Journal in 1985) it is most likely that the flints were not left by very early residents of Heywood, however instead by bands of hunters.

In later times, individuals who farmed the inhospitable countryside made a living by weaving – mainly woollen from their very own lamb – using a handloom, as well as the very early mills were made to help them with the supply of thread and also the provision of ancillary solutions. Of the many mills in Lancashire the first mill in the valley was possibly put up at Kershaw Bridge in 1780 by Thomas Allanson. It was a fustian mill and also might have utilized Arkwright water frameworks.

John Haworth’s Four-Acre Mill was high on the moors above Cheesden and was powered by a 36-foot (11 m) waterwheel. Haworth, that drew away the waters of a tributary stream to transform his wheel, later constructed a huge lodge to offer a consistent head of water for himself as well as various other millowners – up until then, they had actually gone to the impulse of the climate, laying off workers throughout droughts and also calling them in any way hours when the valley swamped.

A John Kay (not to be perplexed with the John Kay who developed the flying shuttle bus) developed Cheesden Valley’s Lumb Mill in 1786, as a fulling mill, turning woollens right into felted products.

Cheesden Brook offered power for at the very least 15 mills as well as work for 2,000 people. Areas grew up in what had actually as soon as been a barren region. Click here to read about Shawfield Rochdale.

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