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In a park setting near Hemel Hempstead’s historical Old Town stands among the community’s most strange and fascinating historic buildings, the Charter Tower, all that continues to be of a Tudor home constructed by the wealthy Combes household. The Tower overlooks a walled garden on the website of Bury Residence. Hemel Hempstead Plumbers encourage you to go visit the Charter Tower in Hemel Hempstead.

The initial Bury Residence was built at some time in the 13th century. It was referred to in a charter of 1289 that discussed a mill at Burymilne (a mill near The Bury). Bury in this situation possibly means a prepared house, from the same root as the Saxon burh as well as our modern-day term district. Throughout the Middle Ages period the Bury was residence to the Waterhouse family however in 1539 the last male Waterhouse died and also the home passed to Richard Combes. Combes took apart the old home and started to erect an opulent mansion, a process that took 55 years, from 1540 to 1595.

The Charter Tower developed part of the grand entrance to the new house, and also you can see the layer of arms of Richard Combes on the Tower exterior. The name ‘Charter Tower’ refers to a local tale – possibly incorrect – that Henry VIII stayed right here in 1539, accompanied by his 2nd wife, Anne Boleyn. Henry is claimed to have actually been so happy with the cosy welcome he obtained that he approved the town its market charter, leaning out of the top window of the Tower to do so.

The only difficulty with this tale is that the Tower was not constructed in 1539, so if Henry did certainly provide the community its imperial charter throughout a browse through to Bury Residence it was from an earlier building. It is not even clear whether Henry ever before really stayed at Bury Residence on any occasion. The 2nd Bury Residence was torn down around 1790, leaving just the entryway tower.

The walled garden bases on the website of Bury House and is currently a public park. Within the garden is a memorial plaque to solution employees who served with the Southeast Asia Command during WWII. The yard is in some cases called Charter Gardens, after the Tower that now acts as its entrance. The Tower is constructed of ashlar and stands 2 floors high, with neoclassical columns enhancing the exterior facade. There is a heraldic panel over the ground floor window. The sculpting is almost eliminated by the passage of time, but it shows the Combe family members arms. Please also check Source of the Bourne Gutter in Hemel Hempstead.

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