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Meads is a location of the community of Eastbourne in the English county of East Sussex. It is positioned at the western end of the community below the South Downs. Plumbers Eastbourne highly recommend you go visit Meads Eastbourne.

The city government ward of Meads is extensive, stretching from Birling Void in the west to practically the pier in the east; it encompasses the renowned high cliffs of Beachy Head and the former angling district of Holywell. In recent years, the unofficial terms ‘Upper Meads’ and ‘Reduced Meads’ have been coined to separate in between that area of the ward on higher ground to the west, as well as the reduced part nearer to the town facility. Although there are no official borders, it can be claimed that ‘Upper Meads’ (the component originally recognized to residents as Meads) exists about within the bounds of the Meads Sanctuary.

The ward is presently stood for on Eastbourne District Council by three councillors, all of whom are Traditional. One of the councillors additionally represents the Meads department on East Sussex Area Council. The ward is presently represented on Eastbourne Borough Council by three councillors– all of whom are Conventional. Among the councillors additionally stands for the Meads division on East Sussex Region Council.

A 1783 map of Eastbourne shows however a couple of farms in what was then the community of Meads. However, it is known that there were 3 in the 19th century: Place Farm, whose farmhouse makes it through as the noted structure currently referred to as Meads Location in Gaudick Roadway, Colstocks Ranch, which based on the site of St Andrew’s School and Sprays Farm, which was at the corner of Meads Street and Matlock Roadway.

In 1859, Henry Currey, the agent of the 7th Fight It Out of Devonshire, prepared plans for big houses with yards of commensurate proportions. In 1871, the population of the community having trebled to 11,000, the Eastbourne Chronicle describes Meads as ‘the incomparable Belgravia of a healthy as well as flourishing health spa’. The spiritual requirements of the occupants were provided for with the consecration of the parish church committed to St John the Evangelist in 1869.

The Pilot– one of the two bars in Meads Street. The stained-glass windows show airplane and ships, thus stimulating both significances of the term ‘pilot’. Hart’s Homes at the side were mainly inhabited by workers as well as their family members and were knocked down in the 1960s to give way for a parking lot. During World War Two, service was brisk at both pubs with Canadian soldiers thronging the bars and singing around the piano in the Pilot.  You can also go see our recommended page that talks about Holywell Eastbourne.

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