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‘Boiler repairs’ is a commonly searched phrase on Google and Bing. This is because people, in general, have numerous questions concerning boiler repairs and the process concerning the repairs. The procedures involved in the repair and replacement of boilers are inherently complex.

It is therefore vital to maintain boilers in general. These appliances are not only costly to repair, but also incredibly time-consuming for busy clients. By taking care of boilers, it is very possible to keep them functioning for many years.

One of the many questions regarding boiler repairs is: how do I know my boiler needs to be repaired? The answer is relatively simple. There are three ways to check if your boiler is either broken or damaged and needs to be repaired by a boiler repairs professional.

Foul odours

Unfamiliar or unpleasant scents coming from your boiler or where your boiler is installed may suggest that there is something problematic going on with that specific appliance. Different scents could indicate different issues.

Either way, it is a warning to shut down your boiler and call a boiler repairs professional to take a look at the issue itself. If you do not have a local boiler repairs expert saved in your phonebook, consider doing a Google search.

‘Boiler repair companies’, ‘local boiler service’, ‘local boiler repairs’ or ‘boiler repairs near me’ is a great place to begin. Fix It Fast Plumbers will typically be one of your first hits. Our team can provide the solutions you seek.

Little to no heat

Lack of heat, or very little heat in comparison to what you may be used to, is a warning sign. One that may indicate a damaged – or almost damaged – boiler. You may notice it is taking much longer to heat up your home, particularly in the winter.


Kettling signifies a specific sound produced by a boiler. The noise emitted sounds somewhat like a kettle boiling hot water. This sound indicated that the heat exchanger is struggling with mineral build-up.

This sound is made despite there being hot water in the boiler itself. This is where many people typically get confused. At this point is where we suggest giving a call to a boiler repairs professional.

Is it worth it to have a boiler repaired instead of replaced?

Another question we frequently receive at our company is: Is it worth it to have a boiler repaired instead of replaced? We believe the answer is yes, a boiler is absolutely worth repairing instead of simply replacing it.

This is because boilers typically have a significantly longer lifespan. They do not break down very quickly if properly maintained and taken care of. There is, of course, the monetary decision that could play a role if someone wants to replace a boiler rather than repair it.

Ultimately, the decision belongs to the owner of the appliance. We do, however, make suggestions or recommendations. Whether our customers choose to follow or not is entirely up to them.

Boiler repair companies in general suggest having a professional boiler repairs plumber take a look and discuss the options with the homeowner. If the boiler itself is ordinarily reliable, it is incredibly unlikely that you will need to replace the boiler. Instead, it is advised that you have it repaired by a boiler repairs specialist.

Finding the right boiler repairs team to single handily solve your plumbing issues could be time consuming and demanding. You want to make sure you are not wasting your time by calling quite a few different boiler repair companies before finding the right fit for you.

At Fix It Fast Plumbers, we always advise individuals to do their own research before hiring any boiler repairs plumber. We recommend potential clients to use their preferred search engine and type ‘boiler repair companies’, ‘local boiler service’, ‘local boiler repairs’ or ‘boiler repairs near me’.

We guarantee a five-star service that will promise you quick and successful boiler repairs. All our clients are continuously satisfied and leave nothing less than a stellar recommendation to their friends in need of potential boiler repairs plumbers.

Once you work with our team, Fix It Fast Plumbers, we expect our clients to enjoy their day stress-free. While we get the dirty work done for you, you should be able to enjoy your time as though it had not been interrupted by a plumbing issue in the first place.

This is our customer guarantee and satisfaction that allows clients to return whenever they need a successful boiler repairs team.

The quickest way to diagnose a problem with your boiler that means it may need to be fixed is having it analysed by someone who knows what to look for. For instance, you may notice that your boiler may stop warming up your home or cooling it down by not being able to switch it off. These are basic ways of spotting the problem.

There are more complex and subtle ways of finding an issue, but these are harder to figure out to the untrained eye. It is therefore important to keep a lookout for any small change with your boiler.

If you have a local plumber that you know very well, be sure to contact them. If you do not know where to begin, try searching ‘boiler repair companies’, ‘local boiler service’, ‘local boiler repairs’ or ‘boiler repairs near me’. These should help you find our specialised boiler repairs team.

Once you have found our boiler repairs plumbers, you can arrange for a repair. The damage could include a number of factors that may be too technical to explain here. Your called-upon plumber will explain the details of the process thoroughly if you wish.

The issue at hand could be caused by a number of reasons. Typical boiler repair companies may try and quickly fix the issue. However, in the long run, this may cost you – as a consumer – a lot more capital. This is especially the case if clients do not ask their plumbers what exactly they are doing.

There are several cases where we have had customers call us up to fix a problem that had allegedly been previously fixed by another company. Our boiler repairs team at Fix It Fast Plumbers guarantee nothing but the absolute best quality and services to both existing and brand-new customers.

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