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Haydon Hill, Aylesbury

Haydon Hill is part of the community of Aylesbury, England. The area is to the north of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. It occupies the location to the north of the town and to the west of the A41, Bicester Road. These Buckinghamshire, Aylesbury plumbers also service the Haydon Hill community.

The estate was developed throughout the 1970s as well as 1980s as part of a major housing expansion.

Although primarily real estate, Haydon Hill has an area centre on Dickens Way. It is a small location for smaller functions having a capacity for 100 individuals dance and 50 people if seated. It has a tiny kitchen area and gain access to for individuals with disabilities.

The land is thought to have actually formerly been mainly farmland. The word ‘Haydon’ might indicate ‘an enclosure’ or ‘a hedged in enclosure’, although the location has actually had actually the name written in variations such as ‘Haydon’, ‘Heydon’, ‘Heyden’ as well as ‘Heydone’.

The earliest document of any type of human task in the location was discovered in 1978 when the estate was incomplete. A huge amount of pottery, three pieces of shed bone and a piece of a bronze ligula (tiny Roman spoon) were discovered in the spoil cast up from a pipe trench being laid. The Ligula and ceramic days from the very early Iron Age to 5th-century Roman.

During the Roman duration Akeman Street (which was a Roman roadway from London to Cirencester) passed through the eastern boundary of the estate. Akeman Road very closely complies with the line of the A41, Bicester Road. A lot of Roman roads were elevated on a minor causeway, especially where they went across damp ground, in order to give drain. This low bank or agger can commonly be traced even if the surfacing material (rammed chalk, gravel, iron slag or such) has time out of mind been striped or covered by greenery. At Haydon Hill there was a distinct Agger noticeable at the location of Haydon Hill Farm.

Also on the estate Roman finds were made consisting of an amount of bones and also big amounts of pottery discovered in 1897 and also big quantities of pottery, pin whorls and so on in 1923. In 1954 big amounts of pottery, a 3rd-century coin, spearheads and also horseshoes. These finds were situated on the top of the hill, on the western side of the estate along the program of Akeman Road as well as on the eastern side where the Haydon Hill Railway Cutting is located. There is to this date though no apparent or various other evidence to indicate a certain habitation website.

In 1976 a 2nd-century Roman Cremation funeral was located during trenching for the water pipe when the estate was incomplete.

The earliest recommendation of a home in Haydon Hill remains in the Domesday Publication of 1315. It makes reference to Heydone Mill which formed part of the Estate of Herdewelle (now the Manor of Hartwell in Rock). A record of 1341 mentions residential property ‘abutting on the water from Haydon Mill’.

In 1554 the limits of the borough of Aylesbury as recited in the charter of consolidation were from Glasyers Bridge (in Walton, Buckinghamshire) to Stannebridge (Stonebridge on the A41), in width from Holmansbridge (on the Buckingham roadway) to Walbridge (when driving to Thame, Oxfordshire). The Stannebridge or Stonebridge explained is the crossing on the A41 over the River Thame on the much eastern limit of the Haydon Hill estate. Visitors to Quarrendon (village) would certainly have gone across the stannebridge which was a crucial vantage-point. Ahead he would certainly have seen the west end of the church, the new almshouses, the formal gardens to the right, the fantastic house straight ahead, and the warren on the horizon past. Looking up and down stream he would certainly have seen sheep as well as livestock grazing the rich field that was the resource of Henry Lee’s wide range.

The present Haydon Mill is a Quality II watermill built in 1834 which is now disused. The mill is believed to have ceased working in 1928. The mill is a red as well as yellow block building with a hipped slate roof and forecasting eaves. It is 3 floors high, has 3 bays (bay significance a division of an altitude or interior area as defined by normal upright attributes such as arches, columns or windows). There is a lean-to initially storey extension on the right-hand man side of the building. The wheel has been taken apart however some equipment stays.

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