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Buckingham Park, Aylesbury

Buckingham Park is a rural residential area adjoining with the north-west side of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England. It is presently the area of major housing developments on two sites known initially as Weedon Hill and also Berryfields. Buckingham Park is additionally the name of the civil church, part of Aylesbury Vale Area Authority. The neighbourhood is close to the River Thame. These Buckinghamshire, Aylesbury plumbers service the Buckingham Park community.

The advancement is on the area of land to the north of Aylesbury where the Fight of Aylesbury is reputed to have actually occurred in 1642. As a result of this unique attention was paid to the area in the pre-construction archaeological excavation executed in 2008, nevertheless only 24 musket shot were discovered. Nevertheless, as the 247 bodies of the dead soldiers that had depended on that area were reburied in Hardwick in 1818, it is most likely that any artefacts would certainly have been reburied with them. In prepare for the brand-new estate roadways have been named after vital figures from the battle, consisting of Prince Rupert Drive and also Colonel Grantham Avenue.

Structure of the Weedon Hill housing development started in 2007. Since 2015, roughly 1,000 residences have actually been completed out of 1035 intended houses, along with a neighborhood centre, primary school, parks and also play areas and an exclusive treatment home [citation needed] A retail growth includes a Budgens grocery store, drug store, barbers [citation needed], beauty parlor and also fish as well as chips shop.

Buckingham Park is likely to be completed in late 2015 or early 2016.

A brand-new train terminal, Aylesbury Vale Parkway opened up on 14 December 2008, all set to offer the brand-new housing developments. The initial phase of the Western Web Link Roadway, a brand-new web link roadway, linking the A41 and the A418 began building and construction in August 2013 as well as is currently complete. Buckingham Park is likewise offered by 2 bus paths.

Buckingham Park parish was established in April 2011. It includes the housing development of Buckingham Park (formerly Weeden Hill). Before this Weedon Hillside was within Weedon parish. Buckingham Park church is within the Weedon ward of Aylesbury Vale District Authority.

Buckingham Park Church of England Primary School lies adjacent to the Buckingham Park Area Centre. It opened in September 2012 as well as was the first brand-new college opened up in Buckinghamshire in the 21st Century.

Long prior to the initial structures of Buckingham Park were laid the areas on which we are built are reputed to be the website of the fight of Aylesbury. Many of the street names in Buckingham Park originate from the Fight.

During the English civil war Aylesbury was firmly on the side of parliament but was occupied by a Royalist Garrison under the command of Prince Rupert. On the 1st of November 1642 Prince Rupert came through of Aylesbury with his troops in order to fulfill the approaching Royalist pressures led by Sir William Balfore and consisted of Environment-friendly Coats under the command of Colonel Grantham.

Both sides signed up with fought on in the fields just to the North of Holmans’s bridge over the River Thame. This is the little bridge that crosses the river in between Buckingham Park and the Equine as well as Jockey Pub on the highway (A413).

The fight did not work out for Royal prince Rupert’s males who were forced back across the river towards Aylesbury. Nevertheless, while attempting to collect yourself on the outskirts of the community they came under fire from the people of Aylesbury in reaction to their injustice by Prince Rupert while he was in occupation. The Prince and also his guys got away to Thame and also Aylesbury came under Parliaments control for the remainder of the battle.

In 1818 the bones of 247 guys were located in a mass tomb near Holmans’ Bridge, on what was to become Buckingham Park, thought to be from the Battle of Aylesbury. During that time the remains were relocated to St Mary’s Churchyard in Hardwick.

Whether the Battle of Aylesbury really occurred or was Parliamentary Propaganda at the time is disputed.

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